Wednesday, March 4, 2015




For many many reasons! 

The colors! Oh my so beautiful! I played around with a few looks natural looks and night looks.

They go on so smoothly and are perfectly pigmented.

The SMELL OMG are you kidding me! They are made with 100% Cocoa powder. They smell amazing just like... well cocoa! Hence the name Chocolate Bar! hahaha

Lets talk Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.... again OMG!
LOVE this mascara... I do not have any complaints about it. I have extremely short lashes and this mascara really adds length and volume to them!

Next we have the Too Faced Eye Anti-Crease Eye Primer. Great product! You only need a tiny bit of product to apply on your eyes...

AHHHHHH!!!! Another amazing product from Too Faced!!!! This lipstick..smells amazing of course! And goes on so smoothly/creamy and lets not forget the color is gorgeous! Love applying this to my lips! ;)

I cannot decide if I want to purchase the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar...if you have it let me know your thoughts!? Is it worth it, if you already have the original Chocolate Bar?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Le Tote... SIGNED UP!

I signed up for Le Tote today! I am very excited to try it out! Haven't heard of Le Tote? Here is how it works! It is an online subscription of rental get a tote with 5 items in it, 3 items of clothing and 2 pieces of jewelry. You wear it and either return OR if you love it you can keep it and they will charge you for the particular item. When you send your items back (FREE SHIPPING) they will immediately send you a new tote with new goodies in it! I can't wait to get mine and share it with you all! 

When you sign up you will receive a $10 credit to buy an item you have tried..must use with in 30 days. You can earn $25 credit when referring your friends after their first payment! 

When you sign up you will "SHOP" select items and put in your online closet. You can pick from tons of items...brands from Anthropologie to Piperline...CHECK IT OUT!

Just a few snapshots of my "closet"

How to add an item to your closet: 
Click on an item you would love to try, click on..add to closet OR if you would like to buy it you can click on Buy Now...simple!

Has anyone else signed up for Le Tote? How did you like it? Any feedback would be wonderful! 

Keep on the look out for the latest post on my Le Tote subscription!

See you soon!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Am Back!!!!

Hello Beauties!

I have taken a long break from blogging.. I spent the summer going on vacation with my family and being a very pregnant woman! September 5th I had my sweet baby boy Nicholas!

                                                 September 5th--day he was born

He is the sweetest baby!!! LOOOVE HIM... He is 4 months now...growing so fast! 

Anyway... I wanted to make this short post to let everyone know I will starting to post more beauty related stuff! Starting next week!!!! 

See you then! 

----ALSO..I just noticed a lot of pictures on my blog have been deleted.. :( sad face!!!!! I have found out why and will be working on getting my blog beautified again!!!