Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I got for Christmas!!!

 You may have seen this earlier, but some how my post was deleted and I had to start over :( 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did! Spoiled my girls of course and my hubby spoiled me as well! He did very well, I gave him some ideas but he pretty much did everything on his own!

First we have my two Michael Kors purses...Large Studded Saffiano Tote and Cynthia Saffiano Satchel. Loove these two purses! Right now I am carrying Cynthia..lots of room and easy to carry. The studded Saffiano is a little bigger and I feel like I am carrying a small suit case around lol! It is big but I love it! Did I mention that I LOVE THEM! hahaha :)

Coach Wallet....I really like the color of this wallet it is black and maroon and the Coach emblem is brown. I have another Coach wallet that is similar but I don't use it because it does not have a change pocket and this one does!

CrockPot recipe book... I love my crockpot! I actually have four of them: two small ones, a medium and a large CrockPot. I have made two recipes so far from the book and loved them. The Keep Calm and Carry on book.. is my husband trying to tell me something?? HAHA...This book is to help with managing worry, anxiety and fear...I admit I do suffer from some anxiety but who doesn't from time to time. I did start reading it and there are definitely some helpful suggestions in there.

ShopVac...yup a shop vac! Over the summer I was complaining to my husband about how we do not have a shop vac! Well now we do.. great for cleaning out your car!

My hubby also gave me perfume, sewing patterns (I love to sew) and a new outfit, which I will show in my upcoming clothing post. I may be missing something...

Drugstore mini Haul

I tried to take a break from buying makeup but you know..that never happens!

I wanted to try the NYC liquid eyeliner (with the brush applicator) that I have heard a lot of YouTubers and Bloggers rave about. I picked up the NYC liquid liner with the brush applicator and the felt tip applicator. Loving the liner with the brush, it goes on smoothly and has a nice rich black color. This eyeliner is great if you make a mistake it is easy to correct. The NYC liner with the felt tip I am not impressed with, it looks almost grey when you apply it. The picture below is not great but the felt tip liner is on the left and the brush tip liner is on the right. See the difference? Has anyone tried these liners and have you experienced this with the felt tip liner?

I have been wanting to try the new Revlon Matte Balms, when I went to Walgreens I ended up buying the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balms. The orange color is called Rendevous and the pink color is Sweetheart. These chubby crayon lip balms are great, they last hours and leave a light stain on your lip after the glossyness leaves... (Glossyness? is that a word..I make things up as I go! ) I will be going back for the Matte Balms, have you tried them?? or the Just Bitten Balms?

I also picked up some nail polish Charmed, I'm sure from Loreal and a sparkly mauve from Julie.

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!!! See you in 2014