Wednesday, March 4, 2015




For many many reasons! 

The colors! Oh my so beautiful! I played around with a few looks natural looks and night looks.

They go on so smoothly and are perfectly pigmented.

The SMELL OMG are you kidding me! They are made with 100% Cocoa powder. They smell amazing just like... well cocoa! Hence the name Chocolate Bar! hahaha

Lets talk Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.... again OMG!
LOVE this mascara... I do not have any complaints about it. I have extremely short lashes and this mascara really adds length and volume to them!

Next we have the Too Faced Eye Anti-Crease Eye Primer. Great product! You only need a tiny bit of product to apply on your eyes...

AHHHHHH!!!! Another amazing product from Too Faced!!!! This lipstick..smells amazing of course! And goes on so smoothly/creamy and lets not forget the color is gorgeous! Love applying this to my lips! ;)

I cannot decide if I want to purchase the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar...if you have it let me know your thoughts!? Is it worth it, if you already have the original Chocolate Bar?