Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eye Shapes and Techniques

Eye Shapes and eye makeup techniques

Below are 6 different eye shapes. Knowing what eye shape you have is beneficial to your makeup application. Which eye shape are you? 

1. Almond Eyes
     Almond eyes are narrow and oval with pointed ends. Often you will find that almond eyes have little or no crease in the eye lid. 

    Makeup Tips
      The almond eye can pull off almost any eyeliner look! When applying your eyeliner, outline your outer half of your upper lash line with a thin line and your outer lower lash line, to make your eyes appear larger. You can also apply eyeliner in your upper waterline too. Make sure to use light strokes and apply lightly to the inner corner of your lash line and darker towards the outer corner. Another trick to make your eyes appear bigger is to apply a white or beige liner to the lower waterline. Then apply a couple thick coats of mascara. Never outline your eyes with dark thick eyeliner around the top and bottom lash lines, this will make your eyes appear smaller. If you like a thicker eyeliner of the top lash line do not apply liner to the bottom lash line.

2. Close Set Eyes

      Close set eyes are less than one eye width apart.

   Makeup Tips
        To make your eyes appear further apart, apply a light color on the inner corner and extend darker colors starting from the center of your lid, working your way out to the ends of your eyebrows.
       Check out this webpage The Beauty Department. She has great tips on how to apply makeup to close set eyes.

3. Down Turned Eyes
      If the outer corners of your eyes appear to droop down, you have down turned eyes.

    Makeup Tips
           For the smoky eye look...drag your shadow up and out. Bring your shadow up around the corners of your eyes, then take liquid liner and flick up and out as well.

4. Deep Set Eyes
      Deep set eyes have a prominent brow bone and distinctive crease.

    Makeup Tips
        Cover the brow bone with a lighter shade as your base. Line your entire eye with a black eyeliner pencil and go light on your eye shadow making sure you do not bring it up to the brow bone or crease. Keep most of your eyeshadow at your lash line.

5. Protruding Eyes

    Protruding eyes tend to look large and bulging outwards. 

   Makeup Tips
       You will want to make your eyes appear smaller then they actually are. Line your eyes on the upper lash line, use eyeliner of the same color as eyeshadow you have used and  smudge it into you eyeshadow.

6. Hooded Eyes

     Hooded eyes are sometimes called "bedroom eyes", because the lids tend to look heavy and partly closed

    Makeup Tips
        Eye color can help hooded eyes appear more open by minimizing the eyelid. Apply a shading color to create a crease, apply a highlight color to the center of the lid and above your lash line to create the illusion that there is space between the lashes and the crease.



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