Saturday, November 9, 2013

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics Mini Haul

I am currently loving BH Cosmetics, their eye shadows are gorgeous! They are super pigmented and last all day. I would highly recommend putting a base on underneath as well. So far I have only purchased eye shadows, blushes, brushes and eye primer from this company.

My first purchase from BH Cosmetics was a little over a month ago.  I purchased the 60's palette, AMAZZZZING colors, beautiful and vibrant and mixed with shimmer and matte colors. I also purchased the 7 piece brush set (travel size)..  these brushes are pretty good but are definitely travel size..I believe I got a deal on these and thats why I purchased them. (I will post a pic of this palette soon).

Recent purchase last week.. was the 88 Color Palette in Tropical Matte..Great colors..NOTE: they are not all MATTE colors.. :( which I guess is okay I would have liked to see more matte colors but loving the palette anyway....
Here is a picture of the 88 Color Tropical Palette 

Photo: Holy eyeshadows! BH Cosmetics 88 COLOR PALETTE Tropical Matte Eyeshadow... note: not all shapes are matte but they are super pigmented. 

and I did just a few swatches to show the pigment of the shadows and how pretty they are! I may do a few more...

Photo: A few shadows from the 88 Palette.  

BH San Francisco eye shadow and blush palette.. again another great palette, colors are beautiful and have great pigmentation!
16 eyeshadows matte and shimmer, and 4 blushes.. (these are not great pictures.. I took them with my phone)

Photo: BH San Francisco palette: cool tones 16 eyeshadows and 4 Blushes   

Lastly, I purchased their eye & lip primer

I have used it a few times so far I like it and you do not need to much. A lot of the reviews on the website said "difficult removal" but I did not experience that. I works pretty good so far. I did not take a picture of the primer by itself but here is everything in their packaging! love the San Francisco packaging!

Photo: My new BH Cosmetics came today! So excited to try them out! #bhcosmetics

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