Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mermaid Hair! Tape In Extensions

Have you heard of the new craze in hair extensions?... Well I guess it isn't so new maybe a few years now. Definitely new to me!

What are tape-in hair extensions: Tape-in hair extensions come in wefts each about 1.5inch wide.  They are pre bonded with special tape adhesive made to adhere to your hair. The protective strip is pulled off and placed on a thin strip of your natural hair then another weft is placed on top to make a sandwich.  The tape-in's last around 3-6 weeks depending on how well the extensions were applied. Your hair will grow normally with the tape-in's, as the hair grows out you will need to have your tape-in's adjusted. To remove the tape-in's you will need tape in bond remover and then new tape-in bonds can be reapplied to the weft and placed back into your hair. 

I ordered my extensions from a shop on etsy HairCouturebyHamo. Shop owner Melissa, helped me pick out the color that was the closest match to my hair. I will say that it is hard to order your extensions online, I sent her a picture of my hair to try to match up the extensions. The extensions are a little lighter then I had expected but I wasn't to worried about it. I just lightened my natural hair a little bit. These extensions are 5 star Remy Human Hair Extensions..if you would like to know more about them click on this link to Melissa's shop..

My freaky selfie haha

In this photo you will see a section of my natural hair.. this is because I need more then 40 pieces. I will be ordering at least 10 more this week to fill in the sides..If you have thick hair, make sure you plan on purchasing 50 plus pieces of tape-in extensions to insure full coverage of your extensions. 
You can also see the color! I will be blending my natural hair in with these better this weekend.

A little note: For best results do not put these in by yourself! I did and it was very hard. You can not see where to place the wefts and is very hard to line up your top weft to make your sandwich. Two things you can do is, go to your hairstylist or have a friend help you out with installing your extensions. 

Here is a good video that shows you how to install them.

I did forget to take pictures of them before I installed them in my hair but next time I will. 

Hope you enjoyed my post. Please let me know if you have any questions about the tape-in hair extensions.

Have you tried tape-in extensions? What are your thoughts on them?



  1. Hi.

    I am thinking about buying extensions from her, But im not sure about the overall quality. How long did the last without tangeling?


    1. Sorry I am just getting back!!! I need to up date this! after having them in for 5 weeks I am not impressed with them and will not buy from there again. I did find somewhere else to buy them from in the future. Here is the website