Saturday, April 26, 2014

Playland MAC Cosmetics

What can I say this collection is adorable!
Of course the collection is very popular and a few products from the collection I am interested in are sold out EVERYWHERE! 

Check the products out on the MAC website.

Chromagraphic Pencil and Pigments
I am really liking the Genuine Orange(sold out) and the Black Black Pencils and for the pigments I like the Golden Olive (sold out)

The Playland Lippies
Frost and Amplified colors
As for these lovely lip colors all are sold out besides Heads in The Clouds.. I really want, Sweet Experience (the light pink color) and Toying Around (the bright orange color) both are amplified colors.. so pretty!

Casual Colour
All-in-one colour for cheeks and lips

Have you purchased any of MAC Cosmetics Playland Collection? If so let me know your thoughts on this line!!! And link below if you have reviewed them, I would love to hear!!!


  1. I really want to try Sweet Experience lipstick to, this collection looks so pretty :)

  2. Want everything from this collection! Great blog found you on the brightside bloghop. Check out my blog to when you can

  3. This whole collections looks amazing! Thanks for posting. Found you through the brightside blog hop and subscribed to you :)
    Love it if you could check out my blog too. I didn't get my link on there in time but I'm going to do the next one