Friday, February 7, 2014

February Favorites

Here are my favorite items for February!  I'm in love with the Valentino "Rockstud" Slingbacks..are they not the most gorgeous shoes you have ever seen??? These shoes will set you back $950! Yup that's more then my mortgage, which is why these are on my favorites list and not my want/must have list! Hahaha but a girl can dream right?! The jeans are by 7 of All Mankind, these jeans are awesome love love love them! Again, expensive but from what I have heard they are comfortable and last a life time. The Miu Miu leather pouch I just thought was a really cute bag for this outfit. Then there is the Kate Spade bangle....this is going on my want list!!! I love this bangle it is super cute. I may have to pass on a couple hints to the husband!!!! :)

February Favorites


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  2. The first time I saw those Valentinos my soul died just a little and went to shoe heaven!


    1. Oh my gosh me too! I found a couple stores that have knock offs of the Valentinos, I am seriously considering buying them! Is that wrong?? LOL