Thursday, February 6, 2014

Makeup Mistakes

Makeup mistakes--- are you making them? Of course at one time or another we have made mistakes with our makeup. I have for sure! 
 There are many makeup mistakes that woman make here are my top 5.

Makeup mistake No. 1:
  Wearing the wrong shade of foundation.

        You should always use a shade that matches your skin tone. You do not want your foundation to give your skin a tan, that is what bronzer is for. To find your perfect shade, swatch a few sample shades on your jawline (not your hand) and check in natural light for the most natural look. Foundation can be applied with your fingertips (they are your best tool), makeup sponge or foundation brush.

Makeup mistake No. 2
 Blue eyeshadow 

I have a love hate relationship with blue eyeshadow...The most common mistake is the 1980's blue YUK! Blue eyeshadow that is smothered all over the lid, up to the eyebrow bone, big no no.. Blue eyeshadow can look great if done right, so ladies lets not make 80's mistake!

Makeup mistake No. 3

I always liked this image...I will admit I have been guilty of at least one of these!

   Eyebrows are the most distinguished features on your face. They can really make or break your entire look, if they are not groomed correctly. Most common mistakes are: misplacing the arch of your eyebrows, over-tweezing, not knowing where the beginning or the end of your eyebrows are and not grooming at all. Find out how to shape your eyebrows here. This link has a great tutorial to show you how to properly groom your brows.

Makeup Mistake No. 4.

 Who doesn't love a great winged eyeliner look?! Me too! The picture above says it all. Many times woman will line there entire eyes with thick liner, this will make your eyes look smaller then they actually are. For the winged eyeliner look, only apply liner to the upper eyelash line or a light color liner on the bottom if you must have liner on your lower lash line. Click here for more information on how to apply liner according to the shape and size of your eyes. You can also check out my post on eye shapes and makeup techniques.

Makeup Mistake No. 5
 Lip liner

 Pam Anderson cracks me up with her brown liner and nude lips...but hey guess who is also guilty of this makeup mistake?! Yup, you guessed! Back about 14 years ago, I wore the brown lip liner and nude lipstick! Yuk!

 Lip liner mistakes you should avoid: Going to dark- Never apply a darker lip liner around your lips, use a liner that is a shade lighter or a clear lip liner. No smudges or harsh lines- smudges make your lips look sloppy, your liner should blend in with your lipstick, if you have any smudges or harsh line use a q-tip to fix any imperfections, Lining your lips outside of your natural lip line- stay on your natural line, going outside of the natural lip line will only make your lip liner more noticeable.

Which mistakes have you made?


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so guilty of horrendous lipliner when I was in high school! I want to kick myself when I see it in old pictures.


  2. I've gotta say, the eyebrow photo really tickled me! lol